Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ups and Downs--Here's to 2014

It has been fourteen months since my last post. What has happened in this past year? Quite a lot. A lot of ups and downs, joys and much pain, both physical and emotional. I write again today because I ran my first 10 miles since November, 2012. 10 mile route, Cedar Falls

The highlights:

  • Finishing my fourth Twin Cities marathon in October. Not fast, but finished after a lot of mental energy spent worrying about knee and foot injuries.
  • Seeing old friends in Philadelphia for the Philadelphia marathon in November and running there with my husband.
  • Running in Evanston along the lakefront and seeing my twin in July, 2012; Running along the Witte Singel in Leiden in the dark, in a light snow fall in January, 2013; Running in the woods and along the river in Aarau, Switzerland in January, 2013 while visiting my twin; Running in shorts in Central Park in February, 2013; Running in Big Sur and Sacramento with my husband in July, 2013
  • Running a relatively fast Furry 5K with my husband and pooch Thea
  • Biking 50 miles with my husband and a bike club for the 4th of July, 2013
  • Running 8 miles, proudly, and getting a pedicure with my husband on my birthday, 2013
  • Training a good friend for a 5K and seducing her into the sport of running!

The lowlights:

  • A year of plantar fasciitis, of varying degrees, plaguing me since July, 2012. Knee pain. Cortisone shots, physical therapy, orthotics, and many acupuncture appointments to try to stay active.
  • Many friends and acquaintances diagnosed with various cancers. Makes my PF look like nothing.
  • Newtown, CT; Boston Marathon bombing. Drones. 
  • Two feline family members died, in March and July, 2013, respectively.
  • A lot of stress, generally. Unsurprisingly, this past year was stellar for me, professionally, and we remodeled the upstairs, both of which could be considered highlights. But these things take their toll...

The silver linings:

  • I learned a lot about myself, emotionally and physically. I try to live in gratitude each day, and manage stress better.
  • Acupuncture, meditation, intimacy with family and friends help manage stress.
  • I took up spinning, and learned to love biking, even road biking! Two 50 mile rides under my belt this summer! I never would have done this if I hadn't been injured.
  • Only running the 1/2 marathon in Philadelphia proved I can listen to my body...I was proud of myself for cutting it short.
  • I cherish any running at all. A 5k, even slow, is a victory. Running 2 miles with a friend is a victory. 8 miles is icing on a cake. It's all relative.

I ran the Sturgis Falls 5K this June--not fast, but I did it!
The Stop sign is at my back. Symbolic?

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