Saturday, October 29, 2016

It Takes A Village, and an Open Heart

The Cat Community of Caring is Growing!

I am absolutely thrilled to write this brief post towards the end of kitten season 2016. It has been a busy season-- lots of strays and fosters, and quite a few TNR. All the foster have found homes, colony cats are neutered! Most gratifying to me has been how many people have come together to help.

Neighbors sought traps to help TNR in their own neighborhoods (Sarah and Zak, Karin), and friends have called, knowing Steve and I will take care of strays found in lots or wandering around, like the Hy-Vee kitten and Community Bank and Trust kitten. And of course, it is wonderful to continue to get to know the passionate individuals who care for colonies. Over these two years, I've built friendships that I would not have otherwise! Thank you to all!!

The progress in two years is amazing and gives me hope. In this crazy year of uncertainty and viciousness, these small acts of love and care, accomplished together, show that together we ALL make a positive, if small, impact in the world.

The Stats:

TNR and kitten placement since 2015:
5 TNR from North Cedar Trailer Park, May 2015
19 from 20th Street in May, 2015 (11 TNR + 5 and 3 kittens placed into homes)
9  from College and 24th St in Summer-Fall 2015 (5 TNR + 4 kittens placed--Cooper, Cherry, Jax and Bella)
6 from College and 24th St August, 2016 (4 TNR + 2 kittens placed-- Ruben and Pumpkin)
1 Kitten from Hy-Vee lot placed (Widget)
1 Stray from 2nd and Clay placed (Destiny, now Rosie)
5 from College and 5th, August-September 2016 (1 TNR + placing 4 kittens--thanks Sarah and Zak!)
3 kittens from 24th and College placed,September, 2016 (Oreo, Cookie, Harper)
1 kitten from Community Bank & Trust October, 2016 placed (name TBD!)

TOTAL in two years: 50 cats spayed/neutered or socialized, vetted, and placed into homes! That's 50 cats that aren't making more litters! 

For earlier stats on fostering and TNR see my post from June, 2015 "Until There are Wait Lists for Kittens"

I wish I could say such positive things about my running. That aspect of my life has definitely slowed. I ran two half-marathons this October (best time: PR is 1:43) but because of the difficult spring and fall (personally, politically), priorities necessarily shifted. That makes these kinds of community actions even more meaninful.

Kitten found under the engine of a maintenance truck at Community Bank!
half sibs Harper (adopted 2016!) and Cooper (adopted 2015!)

Hy-Vee kitten and Miss B (now Widget and Pumpkin) got a furr-ever home in Lincoln, NE.
Babs now Pumpkin, with her caregiver
Hy-Vee now Widget, with her caregiver
Sam is now Ruben, and with "best buddy" Boss.
Ruben and his caregiver
Boss and former foster Ruben!
Little Dude who came to me dirty with oil from staying warm under the engine of a maintenance truck at Community Bank and Trust is TBA!


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