Saturday, August 2, 2014

Running to Rescue...the Cycle of Life

Look at Jessie, the young foster mama! She has been with us for a week now, with her nine babies. The kittens were born July 16 and will be available for adoption in September, through Cedar Bend Humane Society.

Remember, I am currently training for the Twin Cities Marathon, and raising money for Cedar Bend and Waverly Pet Rescue. Please go to my fundraising site, Running to Rescue to donate and help these fabulous organizations in the Cedar Valley. I ran 14 miles this morning, 9:15 pace with friends, so we're on a roll! I've raised just over $550 so far, and committed to kitty ears, whiskers, and a (short) tail....let's see what else I'll have to wear/do for 26.2! Every day I run I am grateful that I am able to do so without pain, and grateful knowing so many people in the community support running for this cause.

Three events this past week have brought the cycle of life to the fore:
At the same time we have these 2-week old kittens, we also are caring for our 13 year old cat, Max, who is recuperating from a stroke.
Kitty strokes are apparently very rare. He must have had it sometime last Thursday or Friday. It's incredible that he came through it. He didn't move, eat or drink for almost 24 hours. We got him to the vet, got advice and prednisone, and force fed him--not unlike a new baby without its mother. We really thought we would have to put him down if he didn't eat on his own. Thankfully, he was eating on his own and managed stairs within 48 hours! He certainly has a will to live. We think he is blind, and his left side and back legs especially are weak, so he is very wobbly. Still, he is inspiring, and clearly enjoys being with us and being petted. He listens for us, and meows to us, even as he gingerly makes his way from room to room. He needs help getting on and off the bed, but so long as he is eating and making it to the litterbox, he's still handicapable!!

We joke we have 10 blind cats, a nursing home and a nursery all at once!

Finally, last night some friends had a Sweet 16 birthday party for their dog. 16 is ancient for a coonhound (or really, any dog)! They collected donations to Cedar Bend in his honor. What a fabulous idea! We'll have to wait 6 more years until we can throw a quinceaƱera for Thea...but we will. Maybe we'll even auction off her first dance.

Summer is a wonderful time for me to renew my service and my running. So often during the year it is hard to feel appreciated in the busy-ness of daily life. Animals--especially babies, and stroke kitties and dogs at the shelter--these animals in desperate need of attention and care clearly appreciate whatever time and resources we have to give. It's very rewarding and enhances the other aspects of my life that seem mundane and routine. In their appreciation of the moment, I have learned to try to let go and appreciate each moment, and the small gifts (of ability, motion, food, love, shelter) that we tend to take for granted.

More baby pics!
 The babies don't yet have if there are ideas, we are open to them!
And please...DONATE or visit your local shelter today! Go to: Running to Rescue

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