Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Long Haul, Take two

I ran 11 miles on Friday and felt pretty good! Considering it was the first week of school, replete with its attendant stress, I'm pretty happy. I also think my body purged itself of a 24 hour flu the week before. Generally work and training keep my immune system on the extra-defensive. But my system must have been mildly suppressed, unaccustomed to rest and massages, and purged itself in preparation for the long haul that is the 16 week semester.

In any case, I have been really worried about coming back to distance training after the San Francisco marathon just four weeks ago. I needed a run over 10 miles more for the mental preparation than whatever physical benefit it may have provided. I needed to assure myself that it was possible, and that my body feels good enough to get back into longer distances. In truth, I felt pretty good. I'm still not feeling like tearing up any track pace-wise, but I certainly felt faster than the first couple weeks of recovery. The outsides of my knees, however, do reflect a bit of wear and tear. They have that feeling of having been pounded too much. It's a very different feeling than what I experienced last year, which was largely remedied by strength training and new, more supportive, shoes. This, I think, is exactly as it feels: too much pavement pounding. I'm listening, and taking it as a sign to run on soft surfaces, and not a lot. Thus, my plan for the next few weeks is pretty simple. No more than 3 runs a week--cross-training will have to do. Two of those runs will be quality--some sort of "speed" and the long run. This Tuesday, I'll do an easy tempo run. Friday or Saturday, I'll try 13 miles. The following week is the City of Lakes race, a 15 mile/25K race around Harriet and Calhoun (twice) in Minneapolis. And then it will be just about time to taper again!

Speaking of long hauls, I can't believe the overwhelming support I have received from friends and family in support of my running Twin Cities for Bolder Options. I have already achieved $980 towards the initial goal of $1000!!! I am shocked and inspired by the generosity of so many. I am so grateful and appreciative, that although it is but a small gesture, everyone who has donated before the end of next week will be acknowledged on my racing tee. I am really, really amped about this. It is as if I have a virtual cheering squad! I am buoyed beyond words knowing that so many are supporting me and will be keen to learn how it goes. I know that looking at all those names will keep me going at mile 24! I will definitely have lots of photos taken and send them along with personal thanks.

Bolder Options Mentors and Mentees run for fun!

Finally, if you are in Minneapolis and  looking for a fun 5K or 10K on the 17th of September, Bolder Options Bolder Dash is taking place at Lake Nokomis. Register here!

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